311 Services

Have you noticed a pothole, or need tree trimming? Use Baltimore City's 311 request system to submit a service request to the City of Baltimore. You can use the link below or just download the "Baltimore 311" app on your smart phone (basic carrier services cost may apply).


SouthEast Community Development Center - Neighborhood Grants


Southeast CDC

For home buying workshops and assistance,  click here.

For information on Healthy Neighborhoods loans,  click here.

Highlandtown Main Street

To explore the businesses and attractions in Highlandtown, check out our Highlandtown Visitor’s Guide

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Highlandtown Arts & Entertainment District

If you are an artist living and working in Highlandtown, be sure to share your work in the ha! registry

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Property Abatement Tips

Community Law Center - Nuisance Abatement Tips


Sewage Overflows

Efforts to reduce sewage overflows into area waterways during heavy rain storms have created new problems for some residents of Baltimore City. Sewage backups into homes have risen significantly, as some valves that would have relieved pressure in the system have been closed. Last year the City Of Baltimore DPW was required to start a special Expedited Reimbursement Program dedicated to helping people with some of the costs related to sewer backups. There are restrictions and so far the program has been difficult to navigate. Home owners are required to maintain their own system up to the clean out point. If there is a back up in an area AND the homes system is functioning properly, Jennifer Kunze from Clean Water Action of Maryland may be able to help. jkunze@cleanwater.org   

South East District Police Tips

Sedtips@baltimorepolice.org - This is to be used to submit tips regarding ongoing crime investigations only. This does NOT replace 911, and is NOT for reporting crime. Always call 911 to report ongoing criminal activity.

  • Photographs and video clips can be attached

  • Always include relevant dates, times, locations and Police Report numbers in the body of the email, when possible.

  • This email address is monitored by the command staff at the South East Baltimore Police Dept. Precinct only. It is not monitored 24/7 or by police department dispatch personnel. District command will pass relevant tips onto the appropriate investigators.

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