About the Association

The Highlandtown Community Association (HCA) is a non-profit organization that works off of monetary donations and volunteer hours. The HCA was created to work towards improving the neighborhood by working with area residents, property owners, business owners and government officials. The organization's #1 concern is the welfare of the community, and the residents that call the community home.

Highlandtown Community Association Bylaws (.pdf file)

HCA Meeting Information

The Highlandtown Community Association meets at 7:00 PM on the third Monday of each month (except July & August) at the Salem United Methodist Church at 3407 Gough Street.

The Highlandtown Community Association welcomes all to its monthly meetings. Our neighborhood boundaries are: Baltimore Street to Eastern Avenue and Ellwood Avenue to Haven Street. All residents living within these streets are eligible for membership. Get involved! The more effort you put in, the more benefit you will get out!


What We Do

  • Constituent Services: The board members are constantly working to point concerned citizens in the right direction. Whether this involves helping residents fill out an application for traffic calming, or informing them of all of the services that 311 provides. We also help organize residents for block cleanups, tree plantings, and other similar events that make our neighborhood better.


  • Liquor Board & Zoning Appeals: The Highlandtown Community Association reviews a record of Liquor Board infractions and appeals, and Zoning board appeals every week for cases that may influence Highlandtown. For projects that will help Highlandtown be the best that it can be, the Association will help to support the project. If the board determines that a project would harm the community in any way, the Association will work to remove any part of a project that would harm the community.


  • Block Project Funding: We continuously work with representatives from blocks within the Association's boundaries to fund block projects and the parties that go along with them. Past block projects have included installation of porch lights, purchasing plants and planters, tree plantings, etc. And when our neighbors have put so much time into a project, it only makes sense to help fund a party to reward the neighbors and volunteers that helped make that project a success. If you are interested in organizing a block project on your block, please email us to get an application.


Wine Fest Crowd.jpg
  • Hosting Events/Fundraisers: In order to be able to make the difference that our organization does, we are constantly planning fundraisers and events. The two largest events that the Highlandtown Community Association sponsors are the Highlandtown Wine Festival (in the spring), and the Highlandtown Basement Bar Tour (in the fall). Check back at the site on a regular basis to be sure that you are the first one to know about the details of the events!

  • And much more ...

Board Members

President - Brian Sweeney

Vice President - Nick Kirley

Treasurer (acting) - Michael Dorsey

Sgt. At Arms - Sean Arnold

Board Member / Social Media - Nick Frisone

Board Member - Keith Gibson

Board Member / Website - Brian Johnson

Board Member - Mark Parker

Board Member - Bobbi Jo Syms

Board Member - Vanessa Bennett

Board Member - Kirk Wiggins

Board Member - Patrick Morgan

Board Member - David Douglas 

Get Involved!

Highlandtown Community Association Meetings

3rd Monday of every month (except July and August)

3403 Gough Street

Southeast Police Council Meetings

1st Monday of every month

5710 Eastern Avenue (enter through rear courtyard)

Citizens On Patrol walk

Every Thursday at 7pm

3531 Gough Street (in front of the Laughing Pint)