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Neighborhood Placemaking Grant from the Baltimore National Heritage Area


Neighborhood Placemaking Grant from the Baltimore National Heritage Area

Launched in 2018, the Neighborhood Placemaking grant program is a source of funding for neighborhood groups designed to provide small, but strategic, investments in cultural heritage tourism projects within the heritage area.

The following are eligible grant projects by category:

Green Your Neighborhood

Projects that promote neighborhood greening activities, environmental stewardship, cleanliness, beautification, citizen community education and stewardship.

Navigate Your Neighborhood

Festivals, performances, reenactments, and events that promote heritage tourism and attract visitors. Projects that aid in navigating through neighborhoods such as interpretive signage, pedestrian way-finding signage, interpretive brochures, development of online navigation platforms and apps, walking tours, educational programs and materials, other interpretive activities that support the heritage area’s neighborhoods.

Revitalize Your Neighborhood: Plan!

Planning and feasibility studies, vacant lot development planning, market research, branding and marketing projects, research for content development, and project evaluation surveys.

The deadline for this grant opportunity is April 1. Additional information about this opportunity is available through the Baltimore National Heritage Area webpage.